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Booking an Australian Vacation Package

April 20, 20235 min read

An Australian vacation or honeymoon is a big undertaking, one that takes a good deal of time, research, planning, and resources. For many American travelers, an Australian vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want to experience as much as you can in the time that's available to you Down Under. 

All of these are reasons we recommend to all our American clients visiting Australia to book a vacation package - a hand-selected itinerary of the best experiences Australia has to offer travelers. Australian vacation packages are designed by travel advisors to make the most of your time and budget, and provide a wide variety of unforgettable experiences, meticulously planned and coordinated to provide a well-paced adventure that will delight without overwhelming.

After all, Australia is a huge place - about as big as the continental US. It'd be a tall task to explore it all in a lifetime, let alone a week or two. But at Aspire Down Under, our team of travel advisors has spent years exploring and re-exploring every corner of Australia to discover the best our country has to offer, using our in-depth knowledge and connections to design and coordinate Australian vacation packages to provide the authentic Australia experience for a variety of tastes and interests.

If you're planning to "Say G'day" to Australia, we'd be happy to hear from you! Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan and pull off the perfect Australian vacation with a package designed for your schedule, budget, and interests.

Read on for our top 5 reasons why booking an Australian vacation package is right for you, as well as a preview of some of the experiences provided by our most popular Australian vacation packages. 

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Top 5 reasons to book a vacation package for your travel to Australia

1. Australian vacation packages make planning easy

Most travelers to Australia want to experience as much of the Land Down Under as possible in a short time. Booking a vacation package for your Australian journey eliminates the need to research, pay for, and coordinate each experience individually.

2. Pre-coordinated logistics smooth travel within Australia

Can we emphasize that Australia is a huge place, often with long travel times? Australian vacation packages are designed for easy, comfortable, secure, and time-efficient travel from one point of interest to another, so you can spend your time Down Under adventuring instead of waiting for planes, trains and automobiles.

3. Hand-designed experiences, from the bucket list to the unexpected

Australia is packed with incredible adventures, from the well-known landmarks and natural wonders of the Lucky Country to experiences off the beaten path - the unique, boutique and exclusive. Our knowledge of and connections in the Australian tourism industry enables us to design unique vacation packages for all interests.

4. Vacation packages help you manage your budget

Travel is often an expensive endeavor, full of unforeseen costs that can add up quickly. When you book an Australian vacation package with a travel agency like ours, the vast majority of your expenditures are preset and handled ahead of time, reducing unexpected costs and providing value and security so you can enjoy your travels worry-free.

5. Complete convenience and security across Australia

When you book an Australian vacation package, your travel, accommodations and experiences are all accounted for. There's a plan, and there's a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances like bad weather or a health issue - as well as a complete cross-country support network provided by your travel agency to help with any problem that arises. These are all important considerations when you're half a world from home!

Unique experiences from our most popular Australian vacation packages

When you imagine a journey to Australia, what's the first image that comes to mind? For many, it's the iconic Sydney Harbour, with its beautiful blue water and the shells of the Opera House above. Many of our most popular Australian vacation packages start in Sydney and explore the area around - southwest to Melbourne, or north to Cairns.

Travelers who book Sydney vacation packages often want to experience the most famous Australian attractions - Sydney and all its sights and culture, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Ayers Rock, and the list goes on.

With an Australian vacation package, though, you'll have the time and budget to enjoy all of these and more - experiences off the beaten path, some of which you may have never even heard of.

How about a trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains? Situated not far from Sydney (by Aussie standards,) the Blue Mountains are a protected World Heritage site featuring the world's steepest railway - an experience for sightseers and thrill seekers alike.

Or how about an authentic Aboriginal experience in the beautiful (also World Heritage-listed) Daintree rainforest? Situated near Port Douglas, just a quick jaunt from Cairns, you can experience the natural beauty of the Australian rainforest while learning about Aboriginal culture, and even take lessons in Aboriginal hunting techniques like the boomerang and throwing spear.

And let's not forget the animal lovers! Australian wildlife is as famous as it is unique, and we have plenty of ways for you to have an up-close-and-personal experience with our native furry friends. A less-internationally-known spot we recommend near Melbourne is Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park and nearby Phillip Island, where you'll get to meet koalas, kangaroo, wombats and more, as well as watch a penguin parade!

Visit us and "Say G'day" to Australia

Is an Australian vacation on your bucket list? If so, we hope this article has given you a few more inspiring adventures to add to your dream Australian adventure, as well as a game plan for how to fit it all in with your time and budget. No matter what your interests, we have an Australian vacation package for you - and the ability to advise you in building your own personalized Australian experience.

At Aspire Down Under, we're proud to work with the Australian government's "Say G'day" program, established to rejuvenate Australia's world-class tourism industry following the COVID-19 pandemic. We're committed to providing you a convenient, safe, and unforgettable experience Down Under. Contact us today to find out how our Australian vacation packages can make it easy to "Say G'day" to Australia.

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